Being a Badass Loner

So this weekend, every single person that I hang out with in college left to go home. Which virtually left me all alone. Sad, I know. But, people go home for the weekend all the time here (mainly because my college is boring). Anyways, So I did everything by myself: I went to meals by myself, I went to the store by myself, I walked around by myself. I thought, man people are going to be seeing me by myself all the time, they are going to think I’m a loser.

Now you know how you get a negative thought about yourself, and then you decide you have to refute those thoughts with excuses, right? I did that, and my reason for being alone was simple: I was a badass loner. That’s right, I wasn’t with anybody because I was too busy walking around looking like I don’t give a shit. Why do I look like I don’t give a shit? Because I don’t give a shit about anybody but myself, I don’t have time to care about other people. Even if I did have people to hang around with, they’d just be a liability for when I engage in badass activities like walking away from explosions or firing two pistols at once in opposite directions with my arms outstretched, like if Clint Eastwood played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ. I’m a loose cannon anyways, one false move and I explode, man. If my friend was to say “hey you got ketchup on your shirt” I’d most likely go off on him, like a loose cannon would do. Yeah, it really was best that I had nobody around this weekend… It really was… On second thought, I probably should’ve went home as well.


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