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So I tried going to sleep about an hour ago. My room mate and I both went to bed at the same time. It usually takes me about half an hour to fall asleep. I thought that was normal. But man, this kid goes out like a light, bam! It seems like everybody can fall asleep instantly, but not me. I lay down and think of stupid shit. The idea that most frequently traverses my imagination is the obviously inevitable zombie apocolypse. My thought process before I sleep usually goes like this: “Ugh it’s 1 o’ clock. The shadow cast by that jacket hanging up is weird. What if it was a zombie? Well, first I would…” And you probably catch my drift.
I just don’t understand how people fall asleep so quickly, without even considering what they would do in a “Z-Day” scenario. My friend Alex (Who might read this. Hi Alex) fell asleep during the wonderful the Big Lebowski tonight. One minute she was talking, the next minute, she was out. Did she think about the possibility of a zombie walking in and potentially having a taco bell fourth meal made out of her brain? Probably not, because she fell asleep rather quickly. I’m glad that I don’t fall asleep right away. I’m glad I get that thirty minute to an hour time frame of planning out my survival in a zombie apocolypse. I’m glad, really. Except, when I wake up at 8 am for class and look like a zombie myself… Does anybody know where I can score some non-addictive sleeping pills?

-Everyone’s Zero

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